CitationHR Software Release Notes 2024.06.28


Drag and Drop Document upload - File extensions preserved


When documents are uploaded via the drag and drop functionality, the documents file extensions (e.g. .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc) and was displaying application/octet-stream on the UI.

The document would upload without issue, but when downloaded or viewed, the document was in an unrecognisable file state and provided users an error.

There was a workaround to manually add the file extension after the document is downloaded.


This issue was addressed to now consider the context of the file uploaded to derive the file type. The uploaded file will now retain the correct file extension as expected

  • Standard security maintenance and fixes


Drag and Drop Document upload - Cancel Button Added


Users have been enjoying the drag and drop document upload feature and we received some feedback from users requesting feature enhancements.

One of these was to add a 'Cancel' button to the upload screen.


We improved the UX of the drag and drop document upload page by adding a 'Cancel' button to the page. 

image-20240510-073610 (1).png

This allows users to navigate away from this page without having to click on the modules on the left or back on the browser leading to a better experience.

Self Service Approvals - Pending competencies with document/s attached are removed on rejection


Several users raised an issue where documents linked to training competencies were being uploaded to the employee document folder while still in self service approval staging area.

If the staged changes were rejected (incorrect supporting document provided) the document was still present under the employee record instead of being removed.

This lead to incorrect or unnecessary documents being uploaded to the worker record.


After this update, when a user rejects pending changes for a competency, the attached document/s will also be removed from the record in the employee record and the self service view.

Integration HUB - Branch Selection/Mapping


Clients have requested the ability to sync only a specific set of employees with integration partners, rather than all their employee data.

This option helps reduce subscription charges by limiting usage to only the necessary employees for certain applications.

This can be achieved by allowing only a selected group of employees from a specified branch to be synced with other applications through integration.


Configuration for iHUB Connectors:

A new option has been added to the iHUB portal, allowing account admins to configure each connector to specify which branches and their employees will be included in the data sync between source and target systems.

Each connector's configuration will be independent, providing the flexibility to set up branch configurations separately for each connector.


Clicking on 'Configuration' will open a pop-up displaying all active branches selected by default for data sync.


iHUB account admins can choose which branches’ employees will be included in the data sync by selecting or unselecting branches and saving their choices.

'Select All' and 'Deselect All' options provide additional flexibility for mass selection or deselection of branches.


Reset: When 'Reset' is used on the configuration screen, a warning message will inform the user that this option will clear all branch configurations. Once reset, the integration job will include employees from all branches in the data sync.

New Report - Turnover Report


Clients have requested a new report that allows them to see employee turnover information for a specific time period they select. This report should include details on how many employees joined and left the company, based on the commencement and end dates. This will help clients better understand patterns and trends in employee turnover during the chosen period.


A new report named 'Turnover Report' is available under 'Record Management' for all CitationHR Account Admin users. 

It helps organisations understand the rate at which employees are Joined/left the company over a specific period.

This report can be run for employees or volunteers and can extracted in CSV/HTML formats.

Mandatory Fields - Both "From Date" and "To Date" are required to run the report.

Branch Selection- By default, the report includes data from all branches. Users have the option to select specific branches if needed.

Fields in the Report: Record Unique ID, Record Type, Employee ID, First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Date of Birth, Position Title, Employment Type, Commencement Date, Termination Date, Turnover Status.

Turnover Status Definition:

Commenced: The worker has a commencement date within the chosen period.

Current: The worker is Active and do not have termination date during the chosen period.

Terminated: The worker has a termination date within the chosen period.

Note: Records without a commencement date are not included in the report.






Payroll AU - Superfund label updated from 'Employee Number' to 'Member Number'


Superfund details currently include an 'Employee Number' field, which should be referred to as 'Member Number'

This terminology discrepancy is causing confusion for users attempting to update Superannuation details either in CitationHR or ESS.


Updates to UI, API, reports and importers all update to reflect 'Member Number'

Admin view


ESS view