Internet Browsers - End of support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 in Citation HR Software

From 1 February 2018, we are ending support for some older browsers, including Internet Explorer version 8.


What does it mean if my browser is "not supported"?

Your user experience may degrade as upgrades and new features are added to the platform, as we can no longer guarantee compatibility with unsupported browsers. IE10 was released five years ago, which is a very long time in terms of capabilities and security upgrades. Operating these older browsers can mean many sites will no longer work, including Citation HR Software.


Why are you ending support for these older browsers?

Constant improvements to technology and security mean that vendors such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft frequently release new versions of their web browsers. In some cases, older versions are no longer secure or performant and should be upgraded. As this new technology becomes available, it becomes difficult to support older browsers, so we concentrate our efforts on ensuring a best-practice, secure experience for our customers.


What browsers will be supported?

From this date, Citation HR Software will officially support the following list of browsers (unless otherwise specified, we will only support the latest versions):

• Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows, version 11 and above
• Microsoft Edge on Windows
• Google Chrome on Windows and OSX
• Mozilla Firefox on Windows and OSX
• Apple Safari on IOS and OSX
• Android browser on Android devices


What can I do?

If you are able to, you should upgrade your browser to the latest version.

If your organisation uses an SOE (standard operating environment), you may need to contact your IT department to discuss your options.


For additional information on browsers that can be used to access Citation HR Software, please see this knowledge base article.