Branches - How to create and give access to a Branch


Citation HR Software utilises a structure made up of branches to help you segregate and organise various types of records (ie. candidates, employees, contractors, hazards and incidents) according to the branch each record is assigned to.

Generally, the branch structure is set-up to reflect your organisational structure. However, branches can be set up to reflect your regional structure, cost centre structure and/or even job types.


Locating the Branch Menu

To add an additional branch to your structure:

1. Click on ''Settings'' in the top right hand corner.

2. Click on ''Account Settings'' which is located under "Settings"



3. Select the “Branches” tab and then click “New Branch”.



Adding a New Branch 

On the right hand side of the screen there will be an area to enter the new branch details.

There are two options when creating a new branch:

  • You can choose to have the new branch set-up as a 'separate legal entity' (this will affect the name that appears in employment documentation).  The parent company should generally be set-up as the legal entity; or
  • You can choose to have the new branch set-up as a 'separate department of the original entity' such as "Operations", "Marketing", "WA" or "VIC" that would operate under the parent legal entity / company.

If you'd like to set up sub-branches, set up the Parent Branch you would like the new sub-branch to operate under.

Should you prefer all your users to be automatically assigned with access to the new branch you're creating, select "Give access to all existing users" from the bottom of the screen prior to clicking on the "Create" button.




Alternatively, if there are only limited users who need access to the recently created branch, we recommend going into the User permissions to ensure that the existing Users in the system have the required access to each branch according to the defined requirements for each User. This also means you have to give branch access to yourself - otherwise you won't be able to access/see this new branch at all.


Steps to allocate branch access:

1. Navigate to 'Settings'

2. Click 'Usernames and Passwords'

3. Click 'Users' tab

4. Select the user's name from the list

5. Click 'Access Control' tab

6. Click 'Branches' tab

7. Click 'Edit'

8. Tick the new branch

9. Click 'Update' to save changes




Adding the Integration (API) Key

The Integration API key is a code which is used in a number of our standard importers to ensure that the records are imported into the correct branch within the application. In short, the API key acts as a unique identifier to help the application designate and identify a branch.

1. Once you've created a branch, the new branch will appear as an option in the left hand branch listing.

2. Click on the branch name.

3. Click on the ''Integration'' option to enable the management of unique branch identifiers for that branch.


For more information on how to manage your branches, please see this article: Managing Branches in Citation HR Software.