Generic Payroll / Employee Import v 2.0

We now have a second version of the generic employee record importer which will allow you to import and populate even more fields than before.

As with the previous version, to get started: simply navigate to the payroll import page via the "Actions" dropdown. Hover your mouse cursor over the "Actions" drop down and then click on the button. Then, click on the "Integrations" button to progress.



After navigating to the "Account Integration and Import" page, click on the generic Excel spreadsheet import option at the center of the page. 


The small Excel paper icon on the left side will open up further options for you to select:


The HRA Cloud development team are working to integrate with the main payroll systems but if your client’s payroll is not on the below list then you can still import the employee information by using the import from an Excel spreadsheet option. You can find a copy of the example spreadsheet intended to be used with the importer on the import page:


For this option you need to ensure your spreadsheet has the appropriate named columns in the correct order and that employees are assigned an ID number. To assist you with this, there is a sample spreadsheet available for downloading that you can use to send to your client or to populate yourself.


  1. Columns must be in the correct order (Same as the example template)
  2. Do not delete columns. Columns can be left blank unless they are mandatory
  3. Column A is mandatory and must contain a unique Employee ID/No. This field cannot be blank. If you do not have an Employee ID, please arbitrarily set one. (HRA Cloud does not support Employee ID’s with spaces)
  4. Column AE (Branch Key) refers to the Integration API Key of your branch(es). The API key acts as a unique identifier to help the application designate and identify a branch. Kindly enter the Integration API Key of your branch in this column. (If you haven't set this for your branches yet, please see How can I create a new branch? article and specifically look for the "Adding the Integration (API) Key" section for more instructions).
  5. Column R and AL must contain either an email address or be blank.
  6. The system requires Row 1 to be a header row . 
  7. The field names used in Row 1 are not taken into consideration - rather it is the data type used for that column
  8. The Import file must contain only one worksheet (Tab)


To make the import process more efficient HRA Cloud integrates with various payroll systems including:



Each payroll has its own integration guide which is located on the Account Integration and Import page within the Actions and Import tab. It is important that the payroll person or your implementation team member follows these instructions exactly otherwise you will have issues when trying to import.




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