Create a New User

To be able to create a new User in your Citation HR Software account, you need to have the AccountAdmin role assigned to you.

Please note, a username is unique and can only ever be used once within Citation HR Software. Do not delete a user or modify a username without reading about the implications first.  

If the person you are creating a new User profile for is already an eSS User, you will need to follow the steps on Upgrading an eSS User to a User.


How to create a new User:

1. Click on 'Settings'

2. Click on 'Usernames and Passwords'

3. Click on 'Users'

4. Click on the ‘New User' button to start this process


Enter Core Details:

  1. Enter a unique Username for the new User (usually an email address or "firstname.lastname"). 
  2. Enter an initial password for them to use (or use the password generator to provide random options).
  3. Enter the user’s personal details (important as is required in some documents / templates).
  4. Enter the user’s contact email address (important for password resets & email functionality).
  5. Enter an alert email if they would like alerts to be delivered elsewhere (i.e. You could have alert [not personal account] emails going to a shared mailbox).
  6. Enter the users Position Title.
  7. Select the time zone for the user if different to the account time zone.
  8. Tick the Password Expired checkbox to request a password change on first login.
  9. Tick the Self Service Only box if the user will only access Citation HR Software Employee Self Service.
  10. Accepted Terms will be ticked by default. This indicates that the user has accepted the terms and conditions of use as outlined in the service agreement between Citation HR Software Pty Limited and the User’s company.


Confirm Communication Elements:

  1. Check Opt-In to mailing list if you would like the User to receive regular communication about the system, changes and issues (recommended for key people).
  2. Check the Opt-in to Auto-responders if you would like the User to receive a series of emails about getting started. They are recommended except when communication or training is managed independently or the system is highly customised from typical operation.
  3. Change the Autoresponders Start Date if required.


Confirm Creation Workflow Elements:

  1. Check Grant Access to All only if you wish to grant the User access to all branches in the company.
  2. Check Subscribe to all alerts only if you wish the User to receive alerts triggered within the system.
  3. Click Create to lock in the details and create the User.


Now that you have created your User, to complete the process you will need to set their Access Control. There are 3 types of Access Control that you should set immediately:

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