How do I control a user's access via specific roles?

HRA Cloud users have access roles assigned to them which dictate what aspects of the system they can access. There are four roles, in the basic version of HRA Cloud. Each of these roles are explained below:

  • Employee Management: a user with this role can access the employee management module
  • Contractor Management: a user with this role can access the contractor management module
  • WHS: a user with this role can access the WHS module
  • Account Admin: a user with this role can access the settings for the account including users, branches and general account details.

Users can be assigned one or multiple roles. An HR manager for example, would be assigned all of the above roles whereas a user who does not have security clearance to view personnel files but who is responsible for entering in WHS details would be assigned the WHS User role and would not able to view anything else.

In addition to roles, users need to be granted access to branches they have permission to view. For example, line managers in different departments may be responsible for maintaining their employee's files but should not be able to view the files of employees in other departments. In this case, each user will need to have the appropriate branch assigned in order to ensure proper access.

For additional security, there are additional features in the system which can block users from seeing their own employee file as well other specific employees files, for example executive management.


Controlling the document types (through the roles a user has) that a user can view is another way of controlling user access, see the following article for more detail: "Document Types - Controlling what documents a user can see".


How to set up and modify access controls

If you are not familiar with the new user creation process, click here.

1. Click on "Settings" (top right corner) and then click on "Usernames and Passwords".


2. Click on the user name and the details will appear to the right.

3. Click on the Access Control tab (1), then Roles/Permissions tab (2). Click Edit (3) and tick the role applicable to this user. Update the record.

4. Within the user record, from "Access Control" (1), click on "Branches" tab, "Edit" and tick the branches the user should have access to. Update the record.



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