User Access Control - The Organisational Chart

Important the organisational chart needs to be set up before you can restrict user's access. Please see the article on Creating and Managing your Organisation Chart for more information.

This functionality allows you to restrict the access of the user to only the employee records of persons who report to this user. In other words, managers would only see information about employees that report to them.

  1. Login to Citation HR Software and click on Settings
  2. Click on Usernames and Passwords
  3. Select the user (1)
  4. Click the Access Control tab (2)
  5. Click the Linked Record tab (3)
  6. Click the Edit
  7. Search for the related Employee record (4)
  8. Tick the Restrict access to Profile checkbox. This feature will restrict the User from accessing their own Employee record (5)
  9. Tick the Restrict this user's access using the organisational chart under Organisational Chart Restrictions. This feature will restrict the User to only access records that report to them based on the position hierarchy (if this has previously been set up) (6)
  10. Click the Update button (7)