Why can't I see a particular document/tab/branch/record?

There might be occasions where you're looking for a particular item (document/tab/branch/record) but you just can't seem to find it. The most likely reason would be because the item is a file which your role does not have the permissions to view. A user's assigned roles and permissions dictate what a user is/isn't allowed to access.


The first thing you should consider when troubleshooting is whether or not you should be able to see the particular document. It should be a case where the document was uploaded as the wrong document type however in case it is a document type which you are not required to see, it would be advisable to communicate with your account administrator to find out about your permission level.


If you are the account administrator, you can go into the account settings and alter what roles and permissions a user has. To do so, please follow the below steps:

1. Login and navigate to the ''Usernames and Passwords'' page via the ''Settings'' drop down on the top right hand corner.


2. Please select the required user from the list of available users:


3. Click on Access Control to view the Roles/Permissions tab


4. If you click on Edit, you'll then be able to tick or untick any roles you want this particular user to have. Select update to complete your changes.