Letterhead branding lost after using "Amend in Word"

Citation HR Software allows you to use your business's logo and letterhead to brand the system and documents created with it. However, if you have created a contract that includes your letterhead and have later on decided to use the 'Amend in Word' feature to make amendments, your letterhead will be lost.



The 'Amend in Word' feature is discouraged because all legal contracts are created in PDF by default so they may not be edited. This is especially important when creating employment contracts that you don't want employees to edit. If you are using the 'Amend in Word', you are deciding to override and alter a contract which has been written and approved by the legal team at Citation Legal, which is potentially a risk.


If you must amend a document in Word, you can manually add the letterhead to the Word document, convert the document back to PDF and upload using Upload as new version of this Document.


If you decide that you are making certain amendments to every employment contract we suggest you contact us at to have a custom template made for your business so that these changes do not have to made every time and you can always ensure that your letterhead will appear on your contracts.