OPR Import - Importing Performance Review Details

Once you have activated the Overview of the Online Performance Review Module, you can set up your account manually by configuring the Rating Scales, Key Result Areas and Groupings. Alternatively, if you have too many to manually set up, you can opt to use our import option.


To do so, simply navigate to the Integrations page via Actions drop down menu, located next to your name on the top right hand corner of the application.



As you navigate to this page, you will be able to select from one of our generic Excel importer options:


To navigate to the Performance Review importer screen, click on the button below:


You'll then immediately see this import screen:


Please download the first spreadsheet under Step 1 on the top right named, Download existing performance review details for this account (KRAs, KRA groups, Rating Scales). This will download and be pre-populated with the existing capabilities and rating scales already in the system. You can then add additional KRAs, KRA groups and Rating Scales in the same format and import them back into the system.



  1. Columns must be in the correct order (Must stay the same as the example template)
  2. Do not delete columns. Columns can be left blank.
  3. A 'Hub Item' column denotes anything that is pre-existing in the system. If you are adding a new rating scale/KRA for your account, please indicate a value of "FALSE".  
  4. You do not need to keep the preexisting values on the spreadsheet however, if you are wanting to create a new rating scale, please ensure that each score is on a new row and that each new score is in the correct position.
  5. When creating the Rating Scale Code, please ensure that there are no spaces in the code name.
  6. Please ensure that for all KRA's: the Rating Scale Code is correct on all rows.


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