What does "Publish this Document" do?

When you click through to the Document Information page you will see an option called "Publish the Document".


This will generate a shareable URL link that will allow anyone with the link to download the document or creating a shortcut to the published document on your device.


To generate a shareable URL link on an existing document, please follow the below steps to publish the documents:


1. Find the document in question and click on the name. This will either be located in your ''General Docs'' tab, ''Shared Docs'' tab.




2. Click on the ''Publish this Document'' option.




4. Highlight the published URL link that is generated and send or post it wherever you may want someone to access it.

Note: Only someone who knows the unique URL can download the document. This can be useful to include on a company intranet to allow employees, who aren't users of Citation HR Software, access to a document that is stored on the system.