Add Training and Qualification competencies in eSS

An employer may require you to hold certain competencies relating to your position. Some examples of competencies are a First Aid certificate or a Driver's License.

A competency may be one of three options in the employee self-service (eSS) portal.


Option 1 - Competency has been created in sSS by your employer and has been added to your profile. You will be able to update this competencies details as well as uploading supporting documentation, for example, a copy of your License or Certificate.

Your Training & Qualifications page will look like this:



Option 2
- Competency has been created in eSS by your employer but has not yet been added to your profile. You will be able to manually select and add this competency to your profile. You will also be able to update the competencies details and upload supporting documentation.

Your Training & Qualifications page will look like this:



Option 3 - Competency has not yet been created in eSS by your employer. No further action is required on your part at this stage.

After selecting the "Add a competency" button, you will see light-box with a message advising "There are no additional competencies that you can assign to yourself":




To view competencies (according to option 1, 2 above):

In your eSS account, go to Me > Training & Qualifications



For Option 1

If your employer has added this competency to your profile, you can:

  • Upload supporting documentation 
  • Set dates relating to the document (eg expiry dates)
  • Add points (If relevant - mainly used in legal and accounting industries)

1. Select the competency status button. In the screenshot the status is "Missing" button



2 - Select the "Update this competency" button



3 - Select the appropriate status for the competency.



For option 2

1. Select the "Add a competency" button



2. Review the competencies available, if you find a suitable competency that you would like to add to your profile select "Add to your record"



3. The competency will be added to your profile, you will then have the option to update the competency and provide the required details.