Report - Competency Exception Analysis

What does this report do

 Four types of exception analysis can be produced by this report:

  1. List everyone with the competency that's valid at the selected date. Use this report to list who is qualified with the competency at the date.
  2. List everyone with the competency expired by the selected date. Use this report to plan renewal of the competency.
  3. List everyone. Show the status of the competency, whether current, expired, not achieved or not required.
  4. List everyone without the competency.

Produces a list of records and the status of the competency. Use the date to forecast whether the competency may have expired by that date.

How would a client use it?

Clients use this report to find records with competencies not grouped by a role that are missing, expired or incomplete.

These competencies would have been individually assigned to the record. (ie. not as part of a role)

This is very handy when looking at a group of records (ie. employees or volunteers) to confirm if they have a certain set of valid competencies / certificates

The Generation Screen