How to set and adjust headers, footers and margins for documents generated in the system?

Citation HR Software allows the clients to set a company or branch specific letterhead at both the account or branch level. Occasionally, you may find that the letterhead has overlapped with the contents of your generated document. In this case, some manual adjustment may be necessary to ensure that the document is presentable.


Part One – Locating the Account Settings Page

1. After logging into Citation HR Software, navigate to ''Settings" and click on ''Account Settings”. from the drop down menu.



2. From the ''Account Details'' tab, click on the "Branding" tab followed by the ''Edit'' button.




Part Two – Updating the Account/Branch Letterhead settings

1. Go to the bottom of the page where the ''Margins - Pages with Letterhead'' and ''Margins - Pages without Letterhead'' fields are located. Adjust the required settings as necessary, then click the ''Update'' button.




2. Underneath the ''Letterhead'' section, select the appropriate document template and click ''Preview Template'' to view an example.



3. If the you're not happy with the end look, repeat steps 1-2 to amend the settings until user reaches the desired appearance.