Improved display of Users and Branches in Account Settings

An improvement has been made to the way Users, eSS User's and Branches are displayed in the account settings of the system.

The changes will include the addition of a filter function which will enable the ability to search for particular users or branches in the list.

Some of the information that is currently displayed has been moved into a new display function called the tool tip. The tool tip is a popup text box that appears when you hover over a user or eSS user. Any information that is displayed in the tooltip can also be searched for using the filter. For example, you may have an Employee with the position title of “HR Manager”. If you type “HR Manager” in the Filter section above, it will filter the results in the list to show applicable records. If you wish to clear your filter, simply select the "X" in the filter box.



eSS Users

If you wish to see eSS "Inactive Users", select the "Show inactive users" checkbox. An inactive eSS user is one whose linked record is "Not Current". Often this is because the linked record has been Terminated or changed to some other "Not Current" status.