Record Export CSV Report

This report can create a CSV file per record type of all system and any custom fields in Citation HR Software.

Steps to generate:

Reporting > Record Export CSV



By default this report generates with all fields including custom fields. If you only want a selection of the custom fields, these can be individually selected before generating.

Report field explanations:
Record Type: This shows all applicable record types in your system (Eg Employee, Candidate, Hazard, Position etc) You need to select one. Candidate is the default based on Alphabetical order.

Status: This is the status of the record. The options are All, Current, Non Current. The default is "All".

Filter result by: This is a new filter which allows you to filter your specific report by the date in which the record was created, the record's commencement date or end date.

From: & To: You can select a date range and it will generate with records that meet the above criteria between the dates selected.

Branches: You can select either All branches or one particular branch.

Custom Field (Optional): If ticked, you can filter on a custom field and only include records where the custom field equals the value you specified in the text box.

Include Internal ID (Optional): If ticked, the unique HRA cloud ID is included as a column in the export. This is often used for record types such as Candidate as a unique identifier.

Include branch path (Optional): If ticked, the branch path is included as a column in the export. Example /Branch Name

Custom Fields to display (Optional): By default the export generates columns for all custom fields. If you only want a selection, you can tick which fields will generate in the export. All standard fields plus the custom fields selected will then be the fields that are exported.

Generate: When ready, select this button and a CSV file will be automatically created and available to download on your computer.