What are the steps to perform a Redundancy?

The steps to perform a redundancy for an employee are provided in detail under the "Termination" workflow. This is located in the box on the right hand side of the Employee Management module home page default.



After clicking on here, you you'll see six different termination checklists, one of which is "Termination by Employer for Genuine Redundancy".



To use it, you first need an employee in the system to make redundant.

If you just want to test how this checklist works, create a test employee under the "Employees" tab by clicking the "Add Employee" button first.


Note: Please remember to delete the test employee after the test as it does affect your quota.


The "Termination by Employer for Genuine Redundancy" checklist lists all the steps you need to perform, the documents you need to create and records to keep. You should follow this checklist to ensure you have appropriate evidence and have considered all necessary issues during the redundancy process.