KRA Directory (Online Performance Reviews)

Below are all of the standard KRA's which are pre-populated in the Citation HR Software system.


The ability to adjust positively to unexpected factors that impact them.


  • Reacts positively to changes in the workplace 
  • Changes priorities when required without irritation 
  • Adjusts quickly to different work environments 
  • Demonstrates the ability to handle a broad range of different tasks and assignments 
  • Adjusts personal style to meet changing demands


Analytical Thinking

The ability to make sense of information and draw logical conclusions.


  • Critically evaluates information 
  • Identifies flaws in own and others thinking 
  • Integrates information from a range of sources 
  • Identifies key issues and linkages 
  • Identifies a range of relevant actions 
  • Assesses risks and benefits before taking action 
  • Selects the most logical course of action


The preparedness to offer and stand up for own views and ideas.


  • Volunteers opinions without being asked 
  • Advocates point of view in a positive and forthright manner 
  • Argues for own view despite opposition 
  • Maintains own view despite pressure to the contrary

Business Acumen

The ability and inclination to seek out and capitalise on business opportunities.


  • Seeks out market information and takes an active interest in business issues 
  • Shows preparedness to take measured risks 
  • Gives considerable weight to the financial impact of decisions 
  • Looks for opportunities to advantage the business 
  • Acts quickly and decisively to secure a business edge or financial outcome 
  • Remains focused on activities with the most commercial return

Challenging the Status Quo

The preparedness to probe, question and challenge how things are done.


  • Checks to ensure the accuracy of others views 
  • Looks for new or different ways of doing things 
  • Critically evaluates the "traditional way" things are done 
  • Speaks out on issues even when presenting an unpopular alternative view


The capacity to work closely with individuals to improve their competence and performance


  • Engages others regularly in one on one meetings 
  • Works with and analyses individuals to understand their needs 
  • Provides regular feedback to others on their competency and performance 
  • Identifies and facilitates opportunities for individuals to grow 
  • Gets "hands on" to role model competent behaviour to others

Commercial Awareness

The comprehension of the factors important to commercial success and business performance


  • Demonstrates understanding of budgeting and basic financial management principles 
  • Recognises and suggests business opportunities 
  • Demonstrates concern for cost control 
  • Negotiates commercially advantageous terms


The ability to tailor spoken/written communication to ensure the desired message is both given and received.


  • Uses appropriate pitch, tone and volume 
  • Uses non-verbal communication to support verbal message 
  • Presents information in a clear and concise manner 
  • Tailors communication style to the audience and the context 
  • Conveys complex instructions in a manner that is easily understood 
  • Seeks confirmation of understanding 
  • Communicates proactively to minimise the risk of misunderstanding

Conceptual Thinking

The ability to make sense of abstract information and communicate complex ideas to others


  • Recognizes links between subtly connected events/factors 
  • Solves problems without having to draw on prior experience 
  • Communicates information without drawing on concrete examples or illustrations 
  • Demonstrates ability to explain complex ideas using diagrams and models 
  • Avoids unnecessary preoccupation with detail and "minutiae" 
  • Demonstrates ability to "stand back" and see the "bigger picture"

Conflict Management

The ability to deal with and diffuse potential conflict situations


  • Demonstrates preparedness to discuss "areas of difference" openly and candidly 
  • Focuses on the issues not the person 
  • Acknowledges the right to differ 
  • Strives to clarify the different views and perspective 
  • Establishes areas of commonality and agreement 
  • Seeks a mechanism for reaching a resolution 
  • Seeks out hidden or unstated issues and deals with them

Creative Thinking

The ability to think of new and innovative ideas


  • Volunteers new ideas and suggestions for change 
  • Approaches issues from a unique/different perspective 
  • Makes connections and links that most would not expect 
  • Proposes new approaches even when the "old approach " is adequate 
  • Presents/communicates information in a fashion that engenders interest

Customer Focus

The desire to ensure that customer satisfaction is made a clear priority


  • Speaks positively and constructively about customers 
  • Meets with and talks often about customers 
  • Strives to match products/services to customer needs 
  • Responds rapidly to customer requests 
  • Demonstrates a desire to meet customer expectations 
  • Puts self out in a bid to exceed customer expectations


The preparedness and ability to ensure work is distributed appropriately to team members


  • Demonstrates a concern for the efficient distribution of responsibilities and workload 
  • Takes action to prevent own work "banking up" and slowing down output 
  • Understands the ability of others to perform tasks successfully 
  • Explains delegated tasks to others clearly and precisely 
  • Provides ongoing advice/assistance with delegated tasks as required

Drive for Results

The commitment to delivering important outcomes in a timely fashion


  • Maintains focus on the most important goals 
  • Closes off discussions with action points 
  • Consistently implements agreed action plans 
  • Strives to complete work on or before deadlines 
  • Works quickly and efficiently on all tasks 
  • Puts in the hours when extensive effort is required 
  • Finds way past barriers and obstacles

Emotional Resilience

The capacity to cope with sustained pressure and adversity in the work environment


  • Works effectively with low levels of support and direction 
  • Maintains activity levels and focus despite pressures 
  • Maintains control over emotions even when provoked 
  • Regains positiveness quickly after setbacks 
  • Deals maturely with criticism


The capacity to communicate concern and support for others


  • Listens attentively to others 
  • Demonstrates warmth and friendliness in interactions with colleagues 
  • Demonstrates openness to other points of view 
  • Demonstrates interest & concern in responding to others 
  • Adjusts style/approach in response to person/situation


The ability to present information in a manner that others find persuasive and compelling


  • Actively networks and establishes rapport with others 
  • Conducts self with focus and purpose in key interactions 
  • Seeks input from others first to understand their position before presenting own views 
  • Presents own views in a clear and articulate manner 
  • Deals directly with any objections and concerns raised by others 
  • Presents benefits of own position in a forceful and engaging fashion 
  • Asks for commitment/agreement from others


The preparedness to take action without direction from others


  • Seeks responsibility beyond job requirements 
  • Solves problems without being asked to do so 
  • Anticipates problems and takes action to overcome them 
  • Strives to exceed expectations 
  • Actively contributes own ideas and knowledge 
  • Takes responsibility without "leaning" on manager 
  • Shares important information with other parts of the business without prompting 


The capacity to communicate in an engaging manner that fosters loyalty and commitment


  • Talks about plans/visions for the future 
  • Sets goals that stretch and challenge 
  • Uses language that shows passion and enthusiasm for what can be achieved 
  • Takes time to show people how they personally can achieve and contribute to the future 
  • Encourages others and acknowledges their strengths and contribution 
  • Rewards effort and achievement

Mental Agility

The capacity to think quickly and solve unfamiliar problems


  • Learns new information quickly
  • Finds solutions to problems outside of previous experience
  • Makes sense of confusing, complex information without extensive analysis
  • Picks up information communicated quickly, on the fly

Passion for Work

The interest and enthusiasm demonstrated towards own area of work/expertise


  • Keeps up to date with relevant industry developments 
  • Seeks knowledge and information to enhance competence in role 
  • Seeks to apply outside learning in the workplace 
  • Speaks positively and constructively about own work and its importance 
  • Demonstrates dedication to work and commitment to outcomes

Planning & Organising

The capacity to plan the work that needs to be done and then organise resources to ensure the work is completed


  • Effectively identifies priorities for action 
  • Clearly identifies objectives and desired outcomes 
  • Establishes steps required to deliver outcomes 
  • Allocates time-frames and accountabilities for steps 
  • Identifies and secures required resources 
  • Allocates resources in the most efficient manner 
  • Monitors progress closely 
  • Intervenes effectively when there is a hold-up or blockage

Political Awareness

The capacity to "navigate" within an organisation in a manner that preserves own reputation and gets things done without "incident"


  • Deals astutely with politically sensitive issues 
  • Knows who to involve to get things done quickly and efficiently 
  • Knows the "right" way to do things to avoid negative repercussions 
  • Keeps abreast of changes and developments within the organisation 
  • Knows who to inform and "copy in" to keep all stakeholders on-side

Problem Solving

The ability to diagnose the cause of an issue/problem and then implement an appropriate solution


  • Takes time to explore the problem 
  • Investigates the range of potential causes 
  • Formulates strategies for addressing the cause 
  • Takes action to implement strategy 
  • Sets up systems/practices to prevent problem recurring

Pursuit of Excellence

The commitment to delivering work at the highest possible standard


  • Strives to deliver work that is error-free 
  • Pushes self to better own performance 
  • Encourages others to "aim high" 
  • Follows through on undertakings 
  • Seeks to understand and improve own "weaknesses" 
  • Sets up systems to maintain quality 
  • Refuses to compromise quality despite pressure

Relationship Building

The ability to cultivate rapport and establish trust with significant others


  • Initiates regular contact with significant others 
  • Focuses on the needs/interests of significant others 
  • Communicates to others that they are valued and a priority 
  • Engages significant others on a more personal level 
  • Maintains trust by delivering on expectations 
  • Deals quickly and effectively with potential issues

Sense of Urgency

The predisposition to work quickly to achieve outcomes


  • Takes action without prompting 
  • Sets aggressive deadlines/timeframes 
  • Demonstrates clear commitment to meeting deadlines 
  • Maintains a high level of productivity 
  • Approaches tasks in an efficient manner 
  • Maintains focus on urgent matters despite distractions 
  • Works conscientiously to remove barriers and impediments

Strategic Thinking

The ability to identify what needs to be done in the short, medium and long-term to achieve a desired future state


  • Establishes a picture/vision of the organisations desired future state 
  • Formulates comprehensive plans to guide the organisation toward desired future 
  • Communicates plans to others in a manner that is clear and understandable 
  • Makes decisions/changes that are consistent with and support the strategy 
  • Adjusts plans as required in response to market/industry changes 
  • Sets up information and measurement systems to track progress

Systems Thinking

The ability to understand and improve the systems/processes that underpin output


  • Demonstrates awareness of the processes underpinning work outputs 
  • Critically evaluates current work practices and processes 
  • Modifies processes/systems to deliver outcomes more efficiently/effectively 
  • Monitors systems to ensure maximum productivity

Team Focus

The preparedness to participate in team activities and to support other team members


  • Seeks input from others in group situations 
  • Makes effort to involve quieter team members 
  • Develops ideas presented by others 
  • Demonstrates interest in the progress/achievements of others 
  • Takes time to help others achieve their goals 
  • Makes team projects/activities a priority