Online Performance Review Checklist Management

When the Online Performance Review module is activated, an updated Scheduled Performance Review checklist will be available.

The updated checklist will have different steps to assist you in generating the online performance review.

Review Period

The Review Period is the period of time or date range that the employee’s performance will be reviewed. These dates are required so the system knows which Record Notes are relevant and should be retrieved for review when the appraisal is completed.


The Select Date button allows you to select the relevant date.


Review Dates

The Review Dates indicate the period of time that the appraisal must be completed within.


Select Assessor

The Select Assessor step allows you to select the record that will perform the initial Appraisal and the Final Assessment of the employee.


Once the Assessor has been selected, their name will display and you will be given the option to ‘Change’ the Assessor if required.


When the Assessor has completed both stages of the process, the checklist step will be updated to show that it is Completed.


Initiate Performance Review Process

Before the performance review can be initiated, you must ensure the Assessor has been selected. Once the Assessor has been selected, you will have the option to either Preview or Generate the performance review.


If you need to change the Assessor, you can select the new Assessor and then click Save Changes to confirm the changes.


When you select Preview, a summary of the Capabilities, a description of the capability and the related rating scale will display. The capabilities will show whether they were assigned through a Grouping or Individually assigned.


Once the performance review is generated, the status of the review will display as Review in Progress.