What to do after a set task has been responded to?

Once you've set a task to be complete by an eSS user, you will need to wait for the eSS user to respond/action your set task. So what do you do after they've actioned your request?


After the user responds to the set task, the task will re-appear in your Tasks tab. You can see when a task was responded to in the last updated column.


At this point, if you click on the title of the task, you will see the following. Here, you're provided with several options:


You have the option to:

1. Complete this task and note that it's been completed:



2. Unassign the task from that user and reassign to any group of users who can action this task in the person's stead *for this to work, you must have custom roles available to you as you can only assign based on custom roles*



3. re-assign this task. This option will give you the ability to reassign the task to a specific user:



4. Edit the task details (change the request, name etc) or view the history of the task:


[View example of Task history here]

Alternatively, if you're logged into enable Self Service, responses to your assigned task will come up in your inbox as an action item. You can respond to this in the same way as your employee would which would then go back to the assign employee: