Your Checklist to Getting Started with Employee Self Service (eSS)

Before you get started, have you read our Overview of Employee Self Service (eSS)?

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This checklist provides you with a framework that will guide you on how to successfully set up and launch Self Service across your organisation.

Setting the Foundation

Step 1 - Core Citation HR Software Set Up

The foundation for Citation HR Software Employee Self Service is set via core Citation HR Software.  You will need to first ensure that core Citation HR Software has been set up.

 - Your Checklist to Getting Started with core Citation HR Software

Step 2 - Self Service Email Addresses

You will firstly need to ensure that all staff have an email address stored in core Citation HR Software. This is mandatory as Self Service cannot work if your staff do not have an email address listed against their record either under the 'work' and 'personal' email fields.

You can check this by pulling a Record Export CSV report from Citation HR Software to identify any workers who are missing email addresses.


Step 3 - eSS Documentation

A wide selection of company documentation can be made to be visible to your workers through eSS.  It is important that eSS is populated with important company documentation prior to your launch to ensure that your workers can view and undertake tasks when they first register and log in.

For documents to be visible, it must first be stored in core Citation HR Software under any tab with a 'mobile eSS icon' with the correct document type and status.

It is recommended that all documentation your workers should be able to access through eSS is reviewed to ensure that the selection is in the correct location, is up-to-date and comprehensive.  You can do this by reviewing all documents stored in the following locations:

  • Under any tab with a 'mobile eSS icon' in the Employee Management, Contractor Management, Volunteer Management and WHS Management modules
  • Under the 'Policies' tab - How can I create a new policy?
  • Under the 'General Docs' tab
  • Documents stored against worker records
  • Documents that are stored in any customised tabs that your business may have purchased

You will then need to ensure that the document types and statuses are all correct.  Permissions to view documentation in eSS is also determined by user access permissions and roles.

What documents are visible in eSS?


Step 4 - Training and Qualifications


Workers can create, manage and update their own competencies, training and qualifications through their eSS portal. Your business will first need to set up core Citation HR Software to reflect the job requirements for each role and function.

As part of the launch you might require each worker to review their current training and qualification and update any licenses or certificates that may have expired.

 - Your Checklist to Getting Started with Training & Qualifications

To ensure not to miss any alert (e.g. document expiry, etc), you need to be subscribed to receive these alerts.

 - What alerts are available in the Citation HR Software system?
 - How to update your Alert subscriptions
 - What actions trigger which alerts

Step 5 - eSS Notifications


The Managers within your business are generally users of core Citation HR Software and use the system in order to manage a range of employment matters through the use of our compliant checklists and documentation in relation to their staff.

Managers are kept informed as to when their staff has completed certain actions and tasks within eSS if they are assigned any of the following roles:

  • AccountAdmin
  • EmployeeManagement
  • ContractorManagement
  • VolunteerManagement
  • OPR Role
  • WHS Role

Managers will receive notifications only for the staff that are assigned to the Manager's branch. You will need to review each Manager's user roles and branch access to ensure that they will receive the correct notifications.

Step 6 - Getting Ready for Launch

Now that core Citation HR Software and eSS has been set up, it is now time to start preparing for the launch and registration proecss.

Soft Launch

It is recommend that your organisation firsts conducts a soft launch of eSS in order to seek feedback and anticipate what the most common questions will be.  The members who form part of the soft launch team should becomes advocates, assist with the final launch and act as a point of contact should anyone have questions or require guidance. 

You will need to issue the users who will form part of the soft launch team with your account's unique URL so that they can register for their eSS account. To locate your unique URL, follow these direction: Settings > Account Settings > Commercial tab > Add-ons tab

Welcome Email

It is recommended that you start to formulate an appropriate welcome email to be circulated to your workers as part of the final launch.  It should provide an overview of eSS, how your business intends for it to be used, FAQ materials, how to register, what to do when they first log in and who to go to with any questions.

It is recommended that you instruct each worker to complete an action when they first log in - suggestions include:

Final Launch

Once the welcome email is prepared, please review the following article which provides instructions on how to manage the registration process through the use of a unique URL that can be inserted into your welcome email:

- How to set up a new eSS user and activation process

As part of the launch, Managers should expect questions from their team and will be prompted to review and approve any tasks completed within eSS. For this reason, some businesses prefer to launch eSS by department or region as opposed to all at once. Once the setup and launch process is complete, the volume of notifications will settle down to normal levels.

Please keep in mind that Managers will generally have access to both core Citation HR Software and eSS. Citation HR Software allows for Managers to use the same credentials in order to access both portals.  Instructions on how to set up this type of access is in the below article:

Can I use the same login for Citation HR Software system and eSS? 
- Single Login - How can I switch between Core Citation HR Software and Self Service?

Complete - eSS is now set up and ready for on-going use

Ongoing Optimisation

Communicate directly with staff via eSS

Now that your workforce is activated as eSS users, Managers can start to communicate directly with their staff from within core Citation HR Software.

Managers can communicate with messages either sent in bulk to all staff/groups/teams (as determined by branch structure) or can communicate with individual messages intended for a specific worker through the assignment of a task.

- How to send bulk messages to eSS Users

- How to assign a task to an individual in eSS

Maximise Citation HR Software for Your Business Other Citation HR Software Modules

eSS integrates seamlessly with our Online Performance Review and WHS modules.  Check out our capability demonstrations below:

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