Online Performance Review Process

The following Online Performance Review Process is outlined below:

Stage 1
 - Complete the Online Performance Review Set Up - Ensure that the OPR set up process has been completed.

Stage 2 Launch the OPR Checklist - Within core Citation HR Software, launch the OPR checklist either manually or in bulk.

Stage 3 - Conduct the Assessments - The Assessee (employee) , Assessor and Additional Assessor (optional) complete the Online Performance Review via Self Service where they rate their performance against their Key Result Areas, provide commentary and add any Objectives. Once all parties have completed their assessments, a results report is generated and sent to the Assessee (employee) and Primary Assessor via email.

Stage 4 - Conduct Face-to-Face Meetings - Once complete, the Manager is to conduct the face-to-face performance review meeting with the employee and agree on the final ratings and outcomes.

Stage 5 - Enter agreed final ratings - The Assessor enters the final agreed ratings and comments via Self Service..

Stage 6 Performance Review Complete - After the meeting, go back into the employee's OPR checklist. Confirm the outcome, and complete the checklist.


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