Citation HR Software Account Setup: Additional Features; training your managers; launch to your employees

Now that you have set up the foundations of your Citation HR Software account, you might already be using it for a range of different purposes including managing employee files, generating employment documentation or completing checklists to name a few for example.

It is now time to optimise Citation HR Software even further by setting up some of the additional features in Citation HR Software and getting ready to launch to your managers and employees.  

There are four training sessions you can attend to assist you with learning how to use Citation HR Software. You can register or watch the sessions on demand: Learn how to use Citation HR Software - Setup and training sessions

This article supports all the content included in the training session 'Citation HR Software Account Setup: Additional Features; training your managers; launch to your employees'. 


Step 1 - Organisation Chart

Setting up your Organisation Chart within Citation HR Software can assist you with utilising particular functionality within the system. This include some of your security settings for accessing employee records. 

- Organisation Chart - Overview

- Organisation Chart - How to Create and Manage

Step 2 - Security and User Access for Managers  

You will now need to identify the manager/s within your business who should have access to and be able to control the management of Citation HR Software. You will then need to set-up them up as a User of Citation HR Software. There are different ways of controlling the level of access for each User through the assignment of roles, branch access settings, blacklisting and document control settings. The 'Account Admin' will have the necessary permissions to set-up each User according to the business' needs.  

 - User Access Controls - Overview

- How can I create a new User and authorise levels of access?

To ensure not to miss any alert (e.g. document expiry, etc), your Users need to be subscribed to receive these alerts.

- What alerts are available in the Citation HR Software system?

- How to update your Alert subscriptions

- What Actions Trigger Which Alerts?

Step 3 - Employee Professional Development

If you already have objectives and development goals set for your employees, you can upload these into Citation HR Software as part of your initial setup process. If you don’t, you might like to do this as part of your launch process with your employees.

- How to Submit and Manage Objectives

  Step 4 - An overview of OPR

Citation HR Software's Online Performance Review Module can be used to facilitate scheduled or ad-hoc performance reviews with your employees and contractors.  OPR is powered by eSS making it the perfect tool to ensure effective employee participation.  

- Your Checklist to Getting started with Online Performance Reviews

Step 5 - An overview of WHS
- Your Guide to Setting up your Workplace Health and Safety Module
Step 6 - Contractors and Volunteers

Just as you can manage Employees through Citation HR Software, you can also manage any Contractors and Volunteers that work at your business. 

You can complete the same setup steps that you have already done for your Employees, but with the information for your Contractors and Volunteers. 

Step 7 - SEEK Integration and the Applicant Portal

Recruitment & Candidate Management Tools

Citation HR Software can help your business improve its recruitment process through the use of the Applicant Portal and Seek integration.  Together, these tools can be used to streamline the collection of job applications, speed up the recruitment process and cut down on administrative tasks.

- SEEK integration - Overview

- Using your SEEK integration

- Your Checklist to Getting Started with Applicant Portal

Getting Ready to Train your Managers and Launch to your Employees
  Step 8 - How to Launch Citation HR Software

- Launching Citation HR to Managers

- Your Checklist to Getting Started with Employee Self Service (eSS)

- Empowering Managers with Citation HR Software

Completion - Citation HR Software is now ready for use and your business is empowered to start reaping the benefits of the system. You and your Management team can now start to use Citation HR Software to manage your employees on an ongoing basis. 


Ongoing Optimisation

Employee Management & Documentation

Citation HR Software provides your business with hundreds of employee, contractor, volunteer and WHS documentation templates. Documents are created through the completion of workflows and checklists that automatically draw worker data from the Citation HR Software system to generate pre-populated employment documentation that is tailored to your business. Citation HR Software provides you with templates, guides, policies and tools, capable of configuration for any industry.

Workflows and checklists exist for each stage of the employee life-cycle, from pre-employment right through to termination. Each specific workflow will guide you through the steps required to manage your employees at all stages according to best practice standards to ensure compliance. HR management processes are simplified through the use of Citation HR Software.

- What templates, workflows and checklists are available through Citation HR Software?

- How can I upload employment documentation?

- How can create a new Policy?


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