2017 HRA Cloud Product Development

HR Assured’s Development Team frequently update HRA Cloud with new product enhancements, features and improvements to address client needs and to deliver against our development strategy as defined by our Product Roadmap.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for 2017:

HRA Cloud Visual Refresh

HRA Cloud is got a makeover! In early 2017, HRA Cloud launched a visual refresh to the product's interface design, with a new modern aesthetic and brilliant user interface. The new layout is slick, streamlined and user-friendly. The new design continues to provide context to users across HRA Cloud’s various modules and is designed to be better suited to mobile devices. The new interface aids navigation with collapsible sidebars that are useful when working on smaller screens and significantly enhances the display of data and information on all types of devices.

In the months following the launch, HR Assured's Development Team continued to release incremental improvements, as part of phase 2, to the interface layout to enhance interaction with the content and functions offered throughout the HRA Cloud platform. 

New Workplace, Health and Safety Module

Following the successful launch of HRA Cloud's upgraded Workplace, Health and Safety (WHS) module in New Zealand, HRA Cloud will launch the new WHS module in Australia in early 2017.

HRA Cloud’s WHS module is fully aligned with best practice WHS model legislation to ensure legal compliance and protection. The module provides a comprehensive safety management tool which makes it easy for organisations to proactively plan, track, manage and report on health and safety matters.  The module integrates seamlessly with HRA Cloud’s Self Service platform to promote greater workforce engagement and participation. 

The WHS module supports businesses in minimising administration costs and delivering on safety responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Businesses are empowered to identify and present workplace risks, policies, procedures and key safety information through the utilisation of interactive and automated processes, extensive safety template documentation and robust risk registers. 

For a comprehensive overview of the module, please view the following:

New HRA Cloud Reporting

HRA Cloud will release a new reporting module designed to empower organisations to identify trends, areas for improvement within the HR function and aid in the proactive management of their workforce. 

The new reporting functionality will provide users with enhanced dashboards as well as the ability to customise various reports and exports.  The module will feature a greater selection of reports which collate and analyse a more comprehensive range of data, records and information. Further, the new module will feature export functionality which will empower uses to export data out of HRA Cloud in order to manipulate and customise to suit unique business specific reporting needs. The new module will also provide the ability to schedule reports to be automatically generated and delivered straight to email inboxes. Dates for release are yet to be determined.

Open API Development

The development of an open API will feature a published library that will allow external software developers, outside of HRA Cloud, to access backend data in HRA Cloud that can then be used to enhance other applications and/or exchange data and fields between products.  Dates for release are yet to be determined.

Software Integration

HR Assured's Development Team will be collaborating with other software companies used by our clients to integrate technology platforms so that employees can access all necessary HR functions, including payroll, within the same application.  Dates for release are yet to be determined.

Leave Management Integration

HRA Cloud will be developed to support the processing of leave management through integration with payroll applications, such as Xero and Meridian for example, or where such integrations are not configured, via HRA Cloud's existing register and checklist functionality. Dates for release are yet to be determined.

Position Management

HRA Cloud will move from the current "Person" structure to full "Position" management.  HRA Cloud will have relationships between organisation structure, jobs, positions and employees with all of their associated characteristics.  Product development will also incorporate the process of how positions are created, approved and maintained with the organisation. Dates for release are yet to be determined.

2016 Product Roadmap

For information on how the product was developed in 2016, please refer to the following article:  2016 HRA Cloud Product Development.


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