Citation HR Software's Product Roadmap - How is this determined?

Citation HR understands that technology is purchased not only for existing service and product capabilities, but also for how the product will evolve over time and in the future. In order to ensure that our software remains at the cutting-edge of all HR SaaS technology, Citation HR develops its product according to a strategic Product Roadmap (PRM) which guarantees a return on investment for our valued clients.

What is a Product Roadmap?

A Product Roadmap (PRM) is a strategic tool used to communicate the vision and strategy for the on-going development of a software product.

Citation HR Software's PRM sets out a clearly defined trajectory of foreseeable features that will be released in the course of the coming 12 months. Beyond that period, our PRM outlines a conceptual strategy, including long-term goals and ideas for the direction of the product. 

How is the PRM developed?

At Citation HR, we garner feedback from multiple facets of our business, including our Client EServices Implementation, Sales and Development teams who regularly liaise with different types of users of our product and gather feedback on how Citation HR Software should be further developed.  Citation HR Software strives to solve real problems for our clients as well as improve the overall user experience.

Citation HR then cross-references the feedback, ideas and suggestions against our vision for the Citation HR Software product to ensure that our development strategy aligns with client needs. 

In developing our PRM, we also conduct analysis on the external technological climate to ensure that we remain ahead of our competitors, providing our clients with cutting-edge, innovative software.

Who reviews the PRM?

Citation HR Software's PRM is regularly reviewed and refined by the Executive Chairman, Chief Technology Officer and the Executive Leadership team to ensure the successful deployment of the product's development strategy, performance against defined timeframes, delivery of features against scope and client satisfaction.

Is the PRM flexible?

Citation HR designs our PRM to be flexible and purposefully leave margin to adjust in response to client feedback gathered throughout the course of any year.

The PRM will adapt according to client demand, advancements in the broader technology marketplace and developments in the workplace relations legal framework.

Seeking Your Feedback

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