2016 HRA Cloud Product Development

HR Assured’s Development Team frequently update HRA Cloud with new product enhancements, features and improvements to address client needs and to deliver against our development strategy as defined by our Product Roadmap.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights for 2016:

Upgraded Online Performance Review Module

HRA Cloud upgraded its Online Performance Review (OPR) module to align with industry standards, enhance the management of periodical performance appraisals and empower Mangers to assess overall performance against result areas and business objectives.

OPR’s new functionality provides the ability to define, assign and report on weightings against Key Result Areas (KRA) and Objectives. Development Objectives are now formalised in the performance review process, unless the Development Objective has a personal classification type. The OPR checklist now features HRA Cloud's bulk launch functionality in order to enhance efficiencies. Role based security permissions have also been updated to ensure that only the appropriate roles can access an employee’s performance review and personal development information.

The OPR module was an exciting development for the HRA Cloud product. It simplifies how businesses conduct and manage performance appraisals and delivers a streamlined cloud-based solution to gather and collate quality performance feedback, provide employees with direction and set development and performance goals for the future.

Infrastructure Improvements to Increase Product Speed & Reliability

HR Assured's Development Team upgraded the infrastructure for the HRA Cloud platform to increase the speed and reliabilityThe primary objective for this development was to enhance the end-user experience - alteration and impact on the product functionality was therefore minimal.

The infrastructure upgrade resulted in a 75% reduction in response times for specific target areas within the HRA Cloud product, while other broader changes have also resulted in significant user-experience improvements system wide. In addition, the underlying system upgrade will allow for and support further exciting product developments in the future.

Upgraded Training and Qualifications Module

HRA Cloud's Training and Qualification Module empowers organisations to track the qualifications, training and skills of candidates, employees, contractors and volunteers, and analyse their current workforce capabilities against defined competencies. The module provides a solution designed to assist businesses in enhancing the direction of their training efforts, minimise the effects of key staff turnover, improve HR compliance and HR risk management.

HRA Cloud enhanced the functionality of its Training and Qualification Module which now provides businesses with a significantly improved user-experience. Our Development Team upgraded the underlying software to streamline its functionality and behaviour, increase efficiency when managing data, improve speed and load times and improve the overall reliability of the module.

Reporting Permission Improvements

HRA Cloud developed its reporting functionality to provide all user types with the ability to access and generate reports. Reporting permissions have been enhanced to ensure that users can only generate reports which contain data, records and information they are permitted to access. This enhancement permits users to generate reports across appropriately controlled data in line with the user’s assigned role permissions.

Further significant upgrades to HRA Cloud’s reporting module form a major component of the Product Roadmap for 2017.

“Terminating” Status for Employee Records

HRA Cloud introduced the status of “terminating” for employee records. This new functionality allows for Managers to enter an end date of employment. As a result, the employee will remain “current” in the system until the date of official departure from the organisation, on which date HRA Cloud will automatically convert the employee record status to “Terminated” and “Not Current”.

This product development provides businesses with greater control and flexibility when managing terminations of any nature.  HRA Cloud's termination checklists in the Employee Management Module have also been updated accordingly and provide users with the option to either terminate immediately or select a date in the future for those employees who are in the process of being terminated.

Improved Format Settings on Document Templates

HRA Cloud improved the ability for businesses to customise company letterhead margin settings within the platform to suit their preferences and needs.

This upgrade allows users to adapt templates to address business specific branding requirements and provides a visually enhanced experience for end-users.

2017 Product Roadmap - What's In Store?

For more information on the Product Roadmap for 2017, please refer to the following article:  2017 HRA Cloud Product Development.


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