Do you offer data extraction?

If you would like to export the data that you have loaded into Citation HR Software we do offer a data extraction option for a one-off fee. If you are interested, you can contact the Client Experience team at

Data extraction produces a zip file of documents and CSVs that can be readily imported by other systems or viewed directly on a shared drive.

The Zip file output contains a folder for each employee/record.

Each folder includes:

  • A copy of every document in the worker record's profile, and every version of those documents
  • A PDF audit report (as per Record Audit report)
  • A PDF copy of checklists

The Zip does not contain other internal metadata. The Zip will be provided to the customer via a link to our Citation HR Drop Box account. Upon notification of the ZIP file's availability, you will have 14 days to download the file from our Drop Box account before it is deleted for security purposes. For additional security, the ZIP will normally be encrypted with a password to prevent unauthorised access.

Upon providing the link, we will also propose ways in which we can provide you with the password. Although a phone call is preferred as it is the more secure method, we do also provide the password via email at your request.