How can I update the status of worker records?

Citation HR Software can be used to manage workers (employee, contractors, volunteers) at all stages throughout the worker life-cycle (from on-boarding to existing for example).  It is important to keep the status of all worker records up-to-date at all times.

How can I update the status of worker records?

1.  Open the record. 

2.  Click 'Details' tab.

3.  Click 'Employee Details' tab.

Click 'Edit'.

Scroll down to the bottom, look for the 'Status' drop down field.


6. Select the desired new status.

WARNING: If 'Deleted' is selected, you will no longer be able to access the record again.

7. Click 'Update' to save changes.


To review your organisation's worker records in order to determine which statuses need updating, you can generate the Record Export CSV Report.

If you need assistance in updating the status of a significant volume of worker records in bulk (eg. for more than 50 records), please contact Citation HR Client Experience Team for assistance.