How can I import employees from Xero?


HRA Cloud can import employees that exist in Xero into HRA Cloud. Employees can also be automatically mapped to a specific branch in HRA Cloud if the correct integration mapping has been setup in both Xero and HRA Cloud before the import.



1. The Xero integration functionality allows for you to quickly and easily set-up your HRA Cloud account using the employee data that is already contained within Xero.  There is therefore no need for manual entry.

2. The Xero integration functionality allows for you to keep HRA Cloud employee data synchronised with Xero.

3. Only employee personal details are exchanged from Xero to HRA Cloud during the integration process.  Personal details include contact and general employment details.  It does not include salary, payment history and leave for example as these are best managed within the payroll system.

Exporting from Xero

1. Ensure that all employees are setup in Xero and each employee is assigned with an "Employee Group". Please refer to the screenshots below. Please also refer to this Xero guide for help with setting this up:

2. Ensure that the required branches are setup in HRA Cloud according to your organisational structure.  Please refer to the branches set-up guide for instructions on how to complete this step. 

In the screenshot below, one branch is called 'Sydney Store'. In the 'Integration API Key' field, there is a value of “SYDSTORE” which is an abbreviation of this branch name. This is set to exactly the same value as the "Employee Group" field in Xero (please note this is case and space sensitive).


3. Repeat this step in HRA Cloud, adding in the relevant “Integration API Key” value for all branches.

Importing into HRA Cloud

1. Click on "Actions" on the top right hand corner of the page and then click on "Import".


2. Then click on the “Xero” button.


3. If you are not already logged into Xero, you will be directed to your Xero login page. Login with your standard Xero details. You will notice here that it states “To authorise the application HRA Cloud, simply login into your Xero account…

4. If you have more than one account setup in Xero, select the applicable account and then click the “authorise” button.

5. You should see a success message display on the screen.

6. Select "Yes" for the last two options and then select "Proceed to Import". Please refer to screenshot below.


7. Finally, you will see the status page. In the screenshot below, the import was successful.

8. Finished. You will now find the employees under the '"Employees" tab in HRA Cloud.


How to unlink Xero Integration

Unlinking Xero Integration may need to be done in cases where an import needs to be done from one branch to another, or from one account to another.

This has to be done inside your Xero account at:

It may be best to clear your browser's cache and cookies first prior to doing the following steps.





1 - Import from Xero Account 1 into HRA Cloud

2 - Disconnect HRA Cloud in Xero Account 1

3 - Import from Xero Account 2 into HRA Cloud

4 - Disconnect HRA Cloud in Xero Account

5 - Continue this process for the rest of the accounts




1. Xero does not have visible Employee ID or payroll numbers. If you have already created the employees in HRA Cloud before importing from Xero the first time, the system may create duplicate employees. These can be fixed quickly using the “Merge” button in HRA Cloud, after which it will not happen again.

2. Xero does not send the “Job Title” to HRA Cloud.

3. Updates and additional information in HRA Cloud are not sent back to Xero in this version it is a one way interface from Xero to HRA Cloud.



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