Are HRA Cloud templates and employment documentation automatically updated?

Are the standard contracts and templates within HRA Cloud automatically updated?

HRA Cloud provides businesses with hundreds of employee, contractor and WHS employment documentation templates.  

HRA Cloud is backed by FCB Workplace Law, Australia's leading specialist workplace relations law firm.  FCB Workplace Law regularly reviews and updates the documentation to ensure that all HRA Cloud content is compliant and meets best practice standards at all times.

For example, when new legislation is passed, the HRA Cloud templates which Users rely on to generate their employment documentation are automatically updated to ensure compliance.


If I have a custom template or policy, will they be automatically updated with new legislation?

When new legislation is passed, the applicable content changes will only apply to documents which are generated via the HRA Cloud system from the date of the content update onwards.  Content changes will not automatically update documentation that has already been generated.

If a document is specific to your organisation or if a system generated document has been manually amended in Word or otherwise, it is the User's responsibility to keep that document up to date.   

HR Assured will be in touch to inform you of any changes to Australia's workplace laws via our alerts and newsletters.  If you have any questions relating to the changes in law and its impact on your business, we encourage you to seek advice from our Telephone Advisory Service on 02 9083 0000 for Australia and + 64 2 7263 4918 for New Zealand.