Import employees from MYOB

Exporting from MYOB

1. Open MYOB.

2. Click “File” then select “Export Data” then select “Employee Cards”.

3. Select the “Export File Format” as “Comma-separated” and click “Continue”.

4. Select the fields that will be exported to Citation HR Software. This is a critical part of the process as order of the fields is important. As you click on a field on the right, the order that is exported is displayed next to it (eg. Field 1, Field 2).

5. The order required for Citation HR Software is:

NB: This is a critical part of the process as the order of the fields is important to successfully import employees.

6. This screenshot shows fields 1-9. If you do not use “Addr 1” for the employee’s personal address, you should use Addr 2, 3 4 or 5 instead as appropriate. If you do not know, you may need to inspect the result later.

7. This screenshot shows fields 10-14 using “Addr 1”.

8. This screenshot shows Fields 15-20. These fields appear towards the bottom of the list, after "Addr1" – "Addr5".

9. Fields 21-23 are on the last page of fields.

10. When you have selected all 23 fields (exactly), click on the Export button and save the file “EMPLOY.TXT” in a location on your computer that you will remember.

11. You may now wish to check the contents of the file to ensure that it contains the correct personal address for the employees. This can either be done in Notepad or Excel.

12. If you open the file in Notepad, it will look like this:

13. The employee’s address starts after the 5th comma. Do not edit the file manually. If you have included the wrong address, you may need to start again.

14. If you open the file in Excel (by opening files of type .txt), you need to read the file as:

• Step 1: Deliminated
• Step 2: By Commas
• Step 3: Finish


15. When you are satisfied the file contains the correct information, upload the “employ.txt” file to Citation HR Software.


Importing into Citation HR Software

1. Click on "Actions" on the top right hand corner of the page and then click on "Integrations".


2. Then click on the “MYOB” button.


3. Select the file that you have exported from MYOB and click the “upload” button.

4. Check the spreadsheet for errors (if any arise) and proceed to import.

5. You have now successfully imported the employees from MYOB into Citation HR Software.