How can I import employees from Wage Easy in bulk?


This guide will step you through the process required to export your current employee data from the Wage Easy payroll and into HRA Cloud.


Exporting from Wage Easy

1. Back up your Wage Easy database (.wed) by selecting “File” then “Backup/Restore”. Alternatively, when exiting Wage Easy, select "Yes" to the backup prompt.

2. Open Wage Easy.

3. Click on the "HR tab" at the top.

4. Click on “User Defined Queries”.

5. Select the “HRA Cloud Export” option.

6. This will then start the download of the HRA Cloud export which will open in a separate page.

7. Right click your mouse anywhere on the page and select “Export Data” then select “CSV”.

8. Save the CSV file to your desktop.

9. Your current employee data is now ready to be imported into HRA Cloud.


Importing into HRA Cloud

1. Click on "Actions" on the top right hand corner of the page and then click on "Import".


2. Then click on the “Wage Easy” button.

3. Select the file that you have exported from Wage Easy and click the “upload” button.


4. Check the spreadsheet for errors (if any arise) and proceed to import.

5. You have now successfully imported the employees from Wage Easy into HRA Cloud.


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