Importing Employees - what are the methods?

Once you have set up your Branches for your Citation HR Software account, the next step is for you to upload your existing employee (or contractor or volunteer) information into the system.  

Creating Employee Records

To ensure that your workplace and HR management processes are integrated with Citation HR Software, you will need to add your current employees to your account. You can manually create them one by one or you can upload them in bulk via the .methods shown in this article. 

Citation HR Software integrates with various payroll systems to increase productivity and efficiency. If Citation HR Software doesn't integrate with your payroll system yet, you can use our Employee Importer. You should be able to do an export from your payroll system to help you complete this more efficiently. 

It is important that the person uploading the employee data follows the instructions for their chosen method carefully, to avoid experiencing issues with the import of data. 


Import via Payroll


Import via Excel Spreadsheet

For this option you need to ensure that your spreadsheet has the appropriate named columns in the correct order and that employees are assigned a unique Employee ID number. To assist you with this, there is a sample spreadsheet available for downloading for you to populate with your employee and/or contractor data. 


Create an Employee Individually


What is an Employee ID?

To ensure the optimisation of Citation HR Software, it is important that all employees / contractors are allocated a unique Employee ID number as the system relies on this number when completing a range of important processes.  For example, a unique Employee ID number will allow for the system to automatically identify and link documentation to a specific employee according to their unique ID number.  If an employee does not have a unique ID number, Users will need to take the time to manually assign documents to an employee record.

A unique Employee ID number can be any numbering system that best suits your organisational structure. For example, some payroll technology systems automatically assign employees with an ID number. Some businesses choose to adopt this same employee numbering system within Citation HR Software. 

Employee ID numbers are either manually input into Citation HR Software or imported into the system in bulk via a payroll system or the importer spreadsheet.