How can I transfer employee/s to a different branch?

1. Select the "Employee Management" module.

2. Select the "Employees" tab. 

3. Click on the employee file you wish to transfer to a different branch.

4. Click the "Details" tab.

5. On the right hand side of the page there is a section titled "More Actions" select the "Transfer..." button.

6. Select one of the following transfer of records options:

  • Move everything: Use this option when all the Employee's history needs to be accessed within the new company or branch.
  • Create a new copy: Use this option when the Employee's history should not be accessed within the new company or branch.
  • Move everything without a trace: Use this option when the Employee was added to this company or branch by mistake.

4. Specify the Effective Date (if relevant).

5. Select the new branch that the employee will be transferred to.

6. Click "Submit" to complete the process.


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