What is HRA Cloud?

HRA Cloud is a web-based HR support system that provides you with access to information, advice and best-practice guidance on all Australian employment law matters. It not only acts as a central repository for all your human resources documentation, it can be accessed at any time from anywhere.

We describe HRA Cloud as a cradle-to-grave employee-lifecycle management tool that provides you with compliant and up-to-date employment documentation, ensuring that your business is always compliant and meets best-practice standards. In this way, HRA Cloud becomes the defacto HR administrator for your business, especially when combined with our Telephone Advisory Service, which enables you to access specialist workplace relations advice whenever you need it.

Most importantly, HRA Cloud is easy to use.

In short, HRA Cloud does all the heavy lifting in your business, by streamlining your HR management processes so that you are free to focus on growing your business.


How will HRA Cloud help your business?

HRA Cloud is the key to HR Assured, so it is important that you familiarise yourself with the system as it is an HR management tool that will make your business more efficient and compliant by:

  • Simplifying HR management at all stages of the employment lifecycle;
  • Providing legal protection and compliance with the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), Work Health and Safety regulations and modern award framework;
  • Reducing the administration and time that you spend managing the compliance process; and
  • Providing access to workplace relations information alerts and newsletters.


What does HRA Cloud do?

Manage employees, contractors & WHS
HRA Cloud is a dedicated cloud based application which enables you to manage employees, contractors and WHS obligations.

Electronic records management
HRA Cloud contains individual electronic profiles that allow the recording of all activities against the relevant employee, contractor or WHS record.

Tracking, training & qualifications
HRA Cloud enables you to record professional training and qualification requirements.

Configured workflows for each stage of the engagement lifecycle
HRA Cloud gives you simple, integrated workflows that enable you to manage employees or contractors through each stage of the engagement lifecycle.

Templates, guides, policies & tools
HRA Cloud provides you with hundreds of employee, contractor and WHS templates that are regularly updated by FCB Workplace Law. It also gives you access to a suite of support tools, ‘how-to’ guides, video demonstrations and webinars.

What sort of documents does HRA Cloud contain?

HRA Cloud contains:

  • Relevant modern awards, National Employment Standards and frequently asked questions (FAQs) on everyday HR matters, to ensure that you comply with the Fair Work Act;
  • Compliant templates for award and non-award employment contracts (which are tailored through a Q&A process) for all employees, including full-time, part-time and casual;
  • HR letter templates related to:
    • Hiring;
    • Performance reviews;
    • Managing poor performance;
    • Misconduct;
    • Terminations;
    • Investigations;
    • WHS guides, Safe Work Australia publications and WHS policies and procedures that enable you not only to manage hazards, incidents and accidents but record consultations and develop customised WHS policies and procedures; and
    • Performance management processes that provide you with a consistent approach and ensure you keep appropriate records.

How can you set up HRA Cloud for your business?

For more information on how to set up HRA Cloud for your business, please review the following article:  Your Checklist to Getting Started with HRA Cloud.


How can your business learn how to use HRA Cloud?

HRA Cloud is user-friendly.  The HRA Cloud Knowledge Base contains a suite of support and guidance tools for you to refer to should you require step-by-step instructions on how to utilise the system.

HRA Cloud also conducts a range of popular webinars that are designed to support you in integrating HRA Cloud into your business as quickly and seamlessly as possible.  Please contact the Client Experience Team at to reserve your spot. 

If you encounter any technical issues with HRA Cloud, your requests for support can also be lodged via the ‘HELP’ button contained within the system or by sending an email to



Need help or more information?

Contact HR Assured's Client Experience team at or on (02) 9083 0083 for Australia and +64 2 9083 0083 for New Zealand.


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