How can I integrate with SEEK?


HRA Cloud has the functionality to import candidate details, covering letters, resumes, screening information and related documentation directly from SEEK.

This tool is designed to help you successfully recruit for available positions faster, save time, keep better records and minimize unnecessary double-handling as it eliminates the need to manually upload data and information from the SEEK application.

Note: This functionality will need to be activated and requires you to have an existing SEEK account.  This functionality may attract fees and charges.


Once the integration with SEEK has been activated, the use of this feature is very simple and User friendly:

1. Click on your name.

2. Click on "Actions" on the top right hand corner of the page and then click on ''Import".


3. Click on "Seek".


4. Choose the branch to which applicants and their associated documents will be imported to.

5. Select the date to filter applicants by.

6. Click 'Import'. A list of relevant applications will appear which you can import into HRA Cloud.


7. Check the box next to the applicants you wish to import.

8. Click 'Proceed to Import'.

HRA Cloud you will provide you with a summary of the import indicating:

  • The applicants who were imported against each Branch and the number of candidate records that were created;
  • The names and details of the records created.

9. Click 'Home' to go back to your account.

Please return to the 'Employee Management' module and click on the Candidates tab where you will find the new records for each of the applications you have imported.

Within each candidate record, the resume and covering letter will appear under the 'Documents' tab. The 'Notes' tab will indicate that this record was imported via Seek for future reference.

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