Australia: What is the Citation HR Audit?

Any business owner or manager knows that the Australian workplace relations system is incredibly complex. The system covers an enormous range of issues, ranging from awards to workplace health and safety, to bullying and discrimination. The Australian employment law framework is based on contract law which is regulated by both state and federal legislation, and to make life even more challenging, these laws are constantly changing.

Understanding the ways in which these laws intersect requires specialist knowledge as it can be difficult to know whether your business is complying.  

Citation HR removes all uncertainty as we will undertake an audit of your workplace practices, policies and procedures in order to ensure that your business complies with the Fair Work Act 2011 (Cth), the Work and Health Safety regulations, as well as the modern awards.

Your business will then be provided with an easy-to-understand report, which will identify any gaps in your existing workforce management framework, and set out the corresponding solutions and action points that will ensure you become legally compliant and meet best-practice standards. Our partnership with you is our priority, which is why you will also be provided with a best-practice handbook and template contracts that will be tailored to your workplace needs. These documents will be stored in your Citation HR Software account.

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