How does the Telephone Advisory Service work?

Step 1: You call the Telephone Advisory Service

If you have a workplace relations issue, please call HR Assured's Telephone Advisory Service on 02 9083 0000 and provide your 'Unique Client Number' at the commencement of the call.  

You will then be asked to explain your business' issue or concern.

For a list of the workplace relations issues that are common to Australian businesses, please refer to this article: What Types Of Employment Matters Can The Telephone Advisory Service Assist With?

Step 2: You receive the advice you need

Our workplace relations specialists will work in partnership with you to resolve any issues you may be facing.  

You are encouraged to seek advice from our Telephone Advisory Service on all employment-related matters, no matter how big or small.  In fact, we are here to support you in resolving matters that could potentially become an issue or threat to you and your business.  The earlier you call us with your concerns, the more we do to assist you in mitigating any risk exposure.

If your issue is particularly complex or requires specialist knowledge, your call will be escalated to an advisor with the expertise to provide you with the support and assistance you require.

We log every call we receive from you on your client account. This means that we can tell whether you are having problems in a particular area and, if so, will investigate whether there are underlying systemic issues in your business that need to be addressed.

Employment-Related Claims & Insurance Coverage

The HR Assured insurance policy covers employment-related claims arising after the commencement of the policy where your business has first sought advice from the Telephone Advisory Service. For further information please refer to the How Does HR Assured’s Insurance Policy Work? article.

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