What does the Audit process involve?

Any business owner or manager knows that the workplace relations system is incredibly complex. Understanding the ways in which these laws intersect requires specialist knowledge as it can be difficult to know whether your business is complying or not. 

Let Citation HR make it easy for you!  The aim of the HR Compliance Audit is to identify any risks or threats resulting from incomplete, incorrect or missing processes that would expose your business to penalties under the employment law framework.  Here's how:


Step 1: We set up a meeting for you with one of our senior workplace relations specialists

We will arrange a meeting, at a time that suits you, where one of our senior workplace relations specialists will undertake a detailed review of your business.  Client Experience will confirm the date and time for the meeting via email and Outlook calendar invitations.

WHO SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE AUDIT? The audit meeting should include any other Manager/s who are best positioned to provide instructions regarding your HR processes, policies and procedures. To ensure they are included, please feel welcome to forward this article and the calendar invite to relevant individuals.

DO YOU NEED TO PREPARE ANY DOCUMENTS?  You do not need to send any documents prior to the audit meeting.  The specialist will identify during the meeting the specific documents which require their review.  


Step 2: We undertake a detailed review of your workplace practices and procedures

During this meeting, the specialist will undertake a detailed audit of your practices and procedures to ensure that your business complies with the employment laws but also meets best practice standards.  


Step 3: You will receive a report on whether your workplace practices and procedures comply with the employment and workplace health and safety legislation

You will receive an easy-to-understand report on whether your workplace practices and procedures comply with the Fair Work Act, the Work and Health Safety regulations as well as the modern awards.

This report will identify the areas where you are failing to comply as well as explain how to address the identified risks and compliance gaps.  The report will include recommendations on how to ensure the optimisation of your human resources management system.

Your business will also be provided with a best-practice handbook and template contracts that will be tailored to your workplace needs. These documents will be stored in your Citation HR Software account.


Step 4: We undertake an implementation review

Finally, our workplace relations specialists will call you in order to undertake an implementation review.  This is an opportunity to discuss how you are progressing with the implementation of the recommendations provided in the compliance audit report.  If you or your business have any questions or concerns regarding compliance, please feel welcome to raise these during the call.