What is HR Assured’s legal representation policy?

In the event that a claim is made against you by an employee, as part of your HR Assured package you will be represented by FCB Workplace Law in Australia and LangdonHudsonButcher in New Zealand.

Who is FCB Workplace Law and why do you want them on your side of the bar table?

FCB Group’s law firm, FCB Workplace Law is Australia’s leading workplace relations law firm. It is a specialist firm and a vital member of the FCB family.

FCB Workplace Law only practises in the area of workplace relations. The firm has been established for over 20 years and is equivalent to (or larger than) the entire workplace relations teams in many top-tiers firms.

This means that if you are a client of HR Assured, even if your matter becomes litigious it will be handled within the FCB Group, not transferred to an external third-party legal services provider who knows nothing about your business.

Who is LangtonHudsonButcher and why do you want them on your side of the bar table?

LangtonHudsonButcher (LHB) is a leading employment law firm, based in Auckland, New Zealand. They are the legal brains behind our cloud-based HR technology, HRA Cloud, and have worked closely with our NZ team for over 4 years. 

LHB is a specialist team of lawyers in the niche of employment law and litigation. They are recognized internationally and nationally for providing cutting edge advice to top-tier corporate businesses as well as SMEs across a wide selection of industries.

If you are a client of HR Assured NZ, you will have the legal clout of LHB’s in-depth knowledge and expertise behind you. Even if your matter becomes litigious, it’ll be handled between HR Assured and LHB. No unknown third-party providers, just the best of the best, who know your business.


What are the advantages of HR Assured’s insurance and legal representation package?

  • Your matter won’t be transferred to a law firm that knows nothing about your business;

  • An unknown third party won’t access your confidential and commercially sensitive information;

  • You will not have the inconvenience of rehashing the matter with a new advisor;

  • HR Assured (part of the FCB Group) has full accountability and responsibility in managing the relationship with you through every step of the way.


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