Six Simple Steps to Get Started with Citation HR

Congratulations on taking the first step towards smarter workplace solutions

Getting started with Citation HR is straightforward, involving only six simple steps. We look forward to working with you to deliver smarter workplace solutions to your business.

Citation HR's Client Services Onboarding Team will work in partnership with you throughout each stage of the on-boarding process in order to maximise the value and return on investment for your business.  

Who will be the key users of Citation HR?  It is important that your business identifies who will be the key users of Citation HR's services.  You will need to consider who should be involved in the welcome call and who should participate in the compliance audit.


Six Simple Steps to Get Started with Citation HR

Step 1 - We are waiting for your booking and calls

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding a workplace relations issue?  

You are now part of the Citation HR family. If you have any questions or concerns about a current workplace relations issue, no matter how big or small, please call our Advice Line on (02) 9083 0000 for Australia and 09 303 1778 for New Zealand as soon as possible.


Step 2 - Welcome to the Citation HR family

Keep an eye out for your welcome email

Within 24 hours of joining the Citation HR family, you will receive a welcome email providing your organisation with the details needed to access your HR Advice Line and login into your Citation HR Software account. This first email is to book your session with one of our Advisory Consultants to commence the compliance audit.

In many ways, Citation HR Software is the key to Citation HR, so, in order to reap the benefits of this state-of-the-art people management tool, it is important that you become familiar with the system. In our welcome email, we direct you to a number of support and guidance tools that will not only give you a guided tour of Citation HR Software but show you how to get started with the complete workplace relations system that takes the headaches out of people management.


Step 3 - Your Citation HR Software Onboarding Session from Citation HR's Client Services Onboarding Team

Get to know Citation HR!

Within approximately 48 hours of joining the Citation HR family, you will receive an email from the from Client Services explaining the Onboarding process and asking you to book a session with an Onboarding Specialist.   The booking link is contained in the email sent to you.  

During your Onboarding session, we will provide you with an overview of the various tools that make up Citation HR’s complete workplace relations solution which include:

  • HR Compliance Audit & Results Report
  • Tailored Employment Contracts and Employee Handbook
  • 24/7 Telephone HR Advisory Service (TAS)
  • Citation HR Software (HR software system)
  • Library of HR Templates
  • Employee Liability Insurance & Legal Representation
  • Workplace, Health & Safety Tools
  • Legal Alerts & Updates
  • Topical Webinars

As part of the call, we will also register you for our live training sessions of which there are four in the series and these run each week.


Step 4 - We want to help you become compliant


Your compliance audit

The compliance audit will usually be conducted within 10 days of you joining Citation HR. The process involves checking whether your workplace practices, policies and procedures comply with Australia’s employment laws. The report will identify any risks, compliance gaps, and causes for concern. We will also make an assessment of whether your business is complying with best-practice standards.

Step 5 - Your Compliance Audit Report


We provide you with your compliance audit report

Within 10 days after the audit is completed, we will provide you with an easy-to-understand report, which will identify any gaps in your existing workforce management framework, and set out the corresponding solutions and action points that will ensure you become legally compliant and meet best-practice standards.

Our partnership with you is our priority, which is why you will also be provided with a best-practice handbook and template contracts that will be tailored to your workplace needs. These tailored documents will be stored in your Citation HR Software account under the "Your Documents" tab.

 Step 6 - Audit Report Recommendations

Have you implemented the recommendations in our audit report?

Finally, we will call you to discuss how you are progressing with implementing the recommendations in our compliance audit report, and to see whether you have any questions about what you need to do in order to ensure that your workplace is compliant with all employment laws.

Ongoing Optimisation

Our partnership doesn’t stop here: ensuring the ongoing optimisation of your workplace

Once you have completed the audit compliance process and started to use Citation HR Software, you should be settled in with the Citation HR family. As a result, we want to emphasise that our job doesn’t stop once the compliance audit process is completed. One of the most valuable tools in the Citation HR package is the Advice Line. It means that you can contact us whenever you need help or advice.

In addition, it is important to understand that Citation HR Software is not frozen in time. Instead, all workplace management documentation is regularly updated when there are changes to Australia’s employment laws. We will also be in touch to inform you of these changes via our alerts and newsletters. Furthermore, we regularly hold popular webinars, events, workshops and briefings. Each of these is intended to keep you in the loop. We will also check in with you on a regular basis to see how you are finding working in partnership with Citation HR.

The Client Services Team will work in partnership with you to ensure you are getting the most you can out of Citation HR so you can focus on what is really important – growing your business! If you have a general enquiry or would like to share your feedback regarding any aspect of Citation HR, we encourage you to talk to us by calling (02) 9083 0083 for Australia and 09 303 1550 for New Zealand or via email at