How can I reset my eSS User password?

If eSS Users are having trouble logging into eSS, passwords can be reset from the eSS login screen.


How to reset your eSS User password

1.  Go to the eSS login page:

2. Select the 'Forgotten password?' link under the 'Log in' button.

3.  Enter your username and then select the 'Reset Password' button.  If you cannot remember your username, it is most likely to be your email address or Employee ID number.  

4.  A page will display advising that you have been sent an email and will also list the email address that it was sent to.  Please now check that email account.

5. To reset your password, please click the link in the email received.



6.  You will be taken to an eSS page which displays 'Reset password'.  Please enter your new password.  You need to enter the identical password in both fields.  When finished, please select 'Reset password'.


7. You will now be logged into eSS.  A message stating that "Your password has been successfully changed" will appear.




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