How do I set up a new eSS User & activation process

This article assumes that your business has activated eSS on your HRA Cloud account.  Please contact HR Assured's Client Experience team to activate eSS for your business. 

Option 1 - Standard Registration Process

1.  Go to 'Settings'.

2.  Select 'Account Settings'.

3.  Go to the 'Commercial' tab.

4.  Go to the 'Add-ons' tab.  Here you will find the 'URL' required for eSS registration.


5.  Businesses can then send an email to their workforce announcing eSS and requiring each individual to register via the URL link.  

Example Email to Send



6.  When the individual recipient clicks on the URL link in the email, they are taken to the following screen. Individuals can register using their 'Email address' (default selection) or their 'Employee ID' number.  

NOTE: Workers can register using their email address OR Employee ID. By default, the system sets up the email address as the username.


7.  Select the 'Register' button to complete the eSS registration.  

8.  If the email address entered matches the email address stored in HRA Cloud, the eSS User will receive the message below.  Select the 'Confirm your registration' to complete the confirmation.


9.  An email is then sent to the eSS User's email address.  The User is required to open the email and select the appropriate 'link' in order to activate their eSS account.

10.  The eSS User is required to select either 'I need a new account', if the User does not yet have a login into HRA Cloud, or 'Use my existing account', if the User already has existing login credentials and would like to use the same credentials for eSS.  If the User is unsuccessful in using the same log in credentials for the main application and eSS, please ensure that the User records are linked.

11.  The eSS User is then required to select their own personalised password.  


12.  The eSS User is now activated and logged into their new eSS account.


Option 2 - eSS Registration via Checklist Task

When a User is assigned to a task/s from an eSS checklist, but they are not yet an eSS User, they will first receive an email asking them to complete their eSS Registration.

Please refer to this article for instructions:  What is the activation process for an eSS User via a checklist task?


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