What is the activation process for an eSS User via a checklist task?

When a User is assigned to a task/s from an eSS checklist, but they are not yet an eSS User, they will first receive an email asking them to complete their eSS Registration.


1.  The User will automatically receive an email.

 2.  The User should click on the link in the email in order to be taken to the eSS registration page.


3.  The User should select “I need a new account”.

4.  The User is then prompted to select their own personalised password.  

5.  The User should select "Save my password”.  The User will thereafter be taken to the their eSS account.


6.  The User should select “View your homepage” in order to view their homepage.  Any actions or unacknowledged Self Service messages will be displayed here.



For future, the User can log into their eSS account by visiting

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