How to respond to an individual task or note in eSS?

Your HR team may assign an individual task or note to you that you are required to respond to. You will receive an email notification any time a task is assigned to you.

 To view the task/note in eSS, select the "Reply" button.



The message is displayed in a light box.  You must enter a response in the "Reply to" section. When you are finished typing, select the "Send my reply" button.  This will send your reply back to the person that assigned the task/note to you.

Any time you reply, the message will then be stored in your "Archived" folder.


If you are required to make another response, you will receive another email notification as well as notification of a new task in your eSS inbox. You reply in the same way as above.  The message will then be stored in your Archived folder.