eSS Admin: What should I do after a set eSS task has been responded to?


Once a task has been assigned to an eSS User to be completed, the assigning User will need to wait for the eSS User to respond/action the assigned task. 

1.  After the eSS User responds to the assigned task, the task will re-appear in the assigning User's 'Tasks' tab.  The column titled 'Last Updated' will indicate when the task was last responded to. 


2.  The assigning User can click on the 'title' of the task and will be provided with the following options/actions.



Assigned Task Options

1. Complete this task and note that it's been completed.



2. Unassign the task from the eSS User and reassign to a group of Users.  Please note:  In order to complete this action, the assigning User must have the appropriate custom roles and permissions assigned to their User account.



3. Re-assign this task.  This option will provide the assigning User with the ability to re-assign the task to a specific user.


4. Edit the task details (change the request, name etc) or view the history of the task.




5.  Alternatively, any responses to the assigned task will appear in the assigning User's inbox as an action item. The assigning User can respond to this task. 


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