eSS User - How can Users view and acknowledge tasks & messages in eSS?


How to view and open eSS messages and tasks

1.  eSS Users can navigate to their inbox in eSS by selecting the 'Envelope' icon.

2.  eSS User inboxes will display any messages or tasks that require action.  These will be highlighted by the red circle as shown below.



3.  The messages which are displayed in the eSS inbox include the following types:

4.  In order to open the messages and tasks, click on the appropriate button in your Inbox.


How to view and acknowledge a message / task

1.  When a User has opened the message, Users will have the option to review the message and open any attached documents (if applicable).


2.  Once reviewed, Users can select the button at the bottom of the page. The HR department will have a record of the date/time that the User acknowledged this message.


How to upload a document

1.  Some tasks may require Users to upload a document.  To upload, select 'Choose a file (max 20MiB)'.

2.  Select the document that requires upload.  Select 'Upload this file' in order to complete the upload.  


3.  This task will then be marked as completed and will be moved to the User's 'Archived' folder.