What documents are visible in eSS?

The visibility of a document in Self Service is dependent on the the Document Type and the Access Role(s) assigned to the User. 

The document status and access to the tab where the document is stored can also affect the visibility of a document in Self Service. 



Document Types

The visibility of a document depends on the role(s) a user has been assigned. View this article for a full list of all Document Types and the User Access Roles that can view them - Document Types - What Documents Can Users View Based on their Access Roles?

Use the links below to see more information about the document types each Access Role can see through the eSS portal:


Document statuses visible in eSS

There are only three document statuses visible in Employee Self Service:

1. Created - unsigned copy

2. Executed - signed copy

3. Complete - no signature required

Document tabs visible in eSS

Self Service users will be able to see the Documents tab from their own Employee/Contractor/Volunteer file. 

A mobile phone icon on tabs within the Employee, Contractor, Volunteer or Work Health & Safety module, indicate that the documents stored under that tab can be visible in Self Service, if all other elements of criteria are met.

An example would be the ''Policies'' and ''General Docs'' tabs.