What documents are visible in eSS?



Document Types

The visibility of a document depends on the role(s) a user has been assigned. Use the links below to see what document types a user can see through the eSS portal:

  • eSS Candidate - this role is for candidates.
  • eSS Candidate (C) - this role is for contractor candidates.
  • eSS candidate (V) - this role is for volunteer candidates.
  • eSS Contractor - this role is for contractors.
  • eSS employee - this is for employees.
  • eSS person - this is for "Other People" who are provisioned an eSS account.
  • eSS volunteer - this is for volunteers.
  • WHS eSS - this role is WHS specific, and is assigned on top of any of the above eSS roles.

You can also refer to this article to view other roles along with its corresponding accessible document types.


Document statuses visible in eSS

There are only three document statuses visible in Employee Self Service:

1. Created - unsigned copy

2. Executed - signed copy

3. Complete - no signature required

Document tabs visible in eSS

Any tab with the 'mobile eSS icon' in the HRA Cloud system means that documents stored under that tab is shown in Employee Self Service. An example would be the ''Policies'' and ''General Docs'' tab.




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