Role Overview - eSS Employee

Employees are often required to manage their personal details and acknowledge documents via the Employee Self Service (eSS) functionality.

This role is assigned to Employees that are provisioned with an eSS account.

This role can be assigned manually by someone with the Account Administrator Role or via automated eSS provisioning.

The items shown below indicate the documents they can see via eSS. This means that as long as the documents are uploaded into the "Documents" folder and are assigned one of the below document types, the ess User will be able to see the document in their eSS account.

Document Types Code Viewable in eSS?







Other (WHS) 


Employment Contract EC green_tick__Custom_.png
Email EMAIL green_tick__Custom_.png
eSS Doc ESSDOC green_tick__Custom_.png
eSS Form ESSFORM green_tick__Custom_.png
Identification ID green_tick__Custom_.png
Induction IND green_tick__Custom_.png
License LIC green_tick__Custom_.png
Leave Form LVE green_tick__Custom_.png
Online Performance Review OPR green_tick__Custom_.png
Position Description PD green_tick__Custom_.png
Photo Photo green_tick__Custom_.png
Police Check POLICECHECK green_tick__Custom_.png
Policy Policy green_tick__Custom_.png
Professional Registration / Membership PROF green_tick__Custom_.png
Qualification QUAL green_tick__Custom_.png
Resume Resume green_tick__Custom_.png
Skill SKL green_tick__Custom_.png
Training Document TRAIN green_tick__Custom_.png
Contract Variation VAR green_tick__Custom_.png
VISA VSA           green_tick__Custom_.png
Working with Children Check WWCC           green_tick__Custom_.png



Record Types viewTraining





Tabs show

Default: /General Docs [enablehr]

Default: /Policies [enablehr] green_tick__Custom_.png
WHS: /Policies & Procedures/WHS Policies [enablehr] green_tick__Custom_.png



Document Tracking tasks
Permission green_tick__Custom_.png



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